This World Press Freedom Day, let’s come together to #ProtectJournalistsOnline

Journalists are increasingly subject to internet attacks and harassment, which jeopardize their capacity to report the truth.

This should not be the reality.

We can all help to protect journalists online.

At the Coalition Against Online Violence, we are more than 70 global organizations defending press freedom and providing better solutions for journalists facing online abuse. To mark the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day, we urge social media platforms to take measures to combat online violence.

We are advocating for journalists’ rights to ensure that our democracy remains strong. Join us in preserving press freedom and encouraging platforms, governments and media organizations to #ProtectJournalistsOnline.

Because without freedom of expression, we can’t defend human rights.

Join us in standing up for press freedom and protecting journalists from online harassment. Use the hashtag #ProtectJournalistsOnline to share your support.

Featured: Journalists speak up against online violence

The impact of online violence against women journalists: a Q&A with Emilia Șercan

Many women and nonbinary journalists endure constant harassment, threats and abuse online, and this has real consequences for journalists’ wellbeing as well as press freedom at large. 

Emilia Șercan, a Romanian investigative journalist who has been the target of relentless online harassment, has experienced these effects firsthand. Read her interview and learn more about the many forms of support that helped her through this experience — and why she refuses to stop doing her job.

Read her interview

Threats Women Journalists Face Online: Ana’s Story

This series highlighting the threats that women journalists face online, created in partnership with International Media Support (IMS), Demos, and the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT), and supported by The Coalition Against Online Violence (CAOV).

Watch video here

#StopViolenceOnline series by Women in The News Network

In this series watch videos with testimonies of renowned journalists from Colombia, México, and Argentina who explain the context of online violence in Latin America, making a strong call to action: #BastaDeViolenciaOnline.


If you are a journalist who needs emergency digital security or psychosocial/mental health assistance because of an incident linked to online violence, the following organizations can help.

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