Speaking With Others


If you are receiving abuse online, it can be helpful to speak to others about the harassment you are facing. This might be to ask for support from your newsroom or to let family and friends know what is happening to you. It can also be important to inform family members about abuse as they may also be targeted.

Next Steps

Speaking with your employer

There are a number of reasons you might want to talk to your employer about the abuse you are facing. Your newsroom might have policies and procedures in place that could help you manage the harassment. They may also be able to offer other types of assistance such as physical security guidance as well as access to psychosocial support.

Learn about how to speak to employers about online violence in the resource section below.

Speaking with others

Speaking with family and friends about abuse can be helpful. They may be able to offer you emotional support as well as practical assistance such as monitoring your social media accounts for you, reporting harmful content, blocking or muting online attackers . Online abusers may also target your family, so it is important to speak to them about how to secure their online data. Learn more about how to speak to others about online violence in the resource section below.

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Additional resources

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