Reporting to Tech Companies

Reporting abuse to tech companies can be a confusing process that is hard to navigate, especially if you or a colleague are facing online abuse. There are, however, some benefits to reporting attacks. 

Next Steps

Why report abuse to a tech company?

It can be helpful to report abuse to a tech company as this may lead to harmful content being removed. If you are documenting abuse, reporting harmful content to tech companies can be an important part of that process. You should track your contact with tech companies as part of the process of documenting an attack. Read more about how to do this in our section on “documenting an attack.” 

What to do before making a report

Before making a report, it’s important to show how it violates the policies and community guidelines of the platform. Normally, you will also need to include a screenshot of the abuse. Learn more about this in the resource section below.

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Additional Resources

Learn more about reporting to tech companies with the following resources. 

  • Heartmob

    A comprehensive guide to platform policies and reporting abuse to tech companies. The guide includes information on platform policies and steps for reporting harassment.

  • PEN America

    Detailed advice on how to report abuse to tech companies. The guide includes a helpful section on steps to take before reporting online harassment. 

  • PEN America

    If you face an online attack, you might also want to ask your community to report on behalf of yourself. In this guide, you can learn more on how to set up and mobilize an online community.